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D2 glassybaby

D2 glassybaby

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Proceeds support glassybaby's current mission to raise money for uncompensated cancer care.


The "D2" glassybaby is hand-forged in Seattle and custom color-matched to the color of our D2 red Bordeaux-style blend by the team at glassybaby.  The gold detailing is a tribute to our Bordeaux-style labels, and is reminiscent of a swirl of D2 in your glass as you delight in the aromas before taking a sip of this smooth, Merlot-dominant blend that has been a part of our amazing viticultural industry here in Washington State for over 25 years. The "wine" color was captured by the glassbaby team through studying glass pours of D2 in various light and the hue left at the bottom of the glass upon its completion.

D2 is sourced from a "who's who" list of Washington state vineyards, capturing the state's terroir in this timeless blend that is one of our founding wines first made in 1992. Capturing our love of Washington Wine in a glassybaby has been amazing. We want to share it with you! 

Notice: The D2 glassybaby is a votive, and not designed for drinking.  The gold is not tested food safe.

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