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Chaleur Blanc glassybaby

Chaleur Blanc glassybaby

10% of proceeds support glassybaby's current mission to raise money for uncompensated cancer care.

Click here to purchase both the glassybaby and one bottle of 2017 Chaleur Blanc. For individual glassybaby purchases, use option below. 

The "Chaleur Blanc" glassybaby is hand-forged in Seattle and custom color-matched to the hue of our Chaleur Blanc white Bordeaux-style blend by the team at glassybaby.  The gold detailing is a tribute to our Bordeaux-style labels, and is reminiscent of a swirl of Chaleur Blanc in your glass. The "wine" color was captured by the glassbaby team through studying our Chaleur Blanc, and was designed to complement our D2 glassybaby, which was released in 2018 (currently sold out). 

Crafting a white Bordeaux-style blend was unheard of in Washington when we first created Chaleur Blanc in 1995. A blend of Sauvignon Blanc & Sémillon, this wine is fermented sur lie in French oak barrels, imparting a memorable “crème brulee” finish. Served at the White House over three administrations & rivaling its French counterparts in quality & exceptional value, Chaleur Blanc has become one our most influential blends.  

Capturing our love of Washington Wine in a glassybaby has been amazing. We want to share it with you! 

Notice: The Chaleur Blanc glassybaby is a votive, and not designed for drinking.  The gold is not tested food safe.

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