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D2, D2 Candle, & D2 Heart Puzzle Gift Set

D2, D2 Candle, & D2 Heart Puzzle Gift Set

A perfect evening at home! 

This gift set includes a bottle of D2, our D2 soy candle, and D2 Heart puzzle. 

2018 D2

Mocha and milk chocolate notes from French oak integrate with beautiful cassis, dried cranberry, and cedar aromas on this 2018 D2.  This wine is instantly delicious on the palate with an inviting warm, soft entry. It rapidly builds in intensity of fruit mid-palate, offering remarkable length on the finish, with Red Mountain Cabernet (16% of the blend) apparent in the texture.

D2 Candle

Get cozy with this D2 Organic Soy Wax Candle.

D2 Heart Puzzle

Complete your evening with this D2 Heart 1,000 piece puzzle. 

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