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Wine Tasting and Winery Restaurant in Woodinville
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Always leading with Merlot, D2 is a traditional Bordeaux-style blend sourced from over a dozen of the state’s most prestigious vineyards across the Columbia Valley to create the ultimate expression of Washington State terroir.

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Minuit, or Midnight, is the time of day that delineates one day from the next, at once the beginning of something new and the end of a defined and fundamental cycle.  This wine, black as night, embodies this notion: the conclusion of our journey in the vineyard and cellar, and the beginning of discovering the wine’s potential in the bottle and in your glass.

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Four Flags is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon blended from four prestigious Red Mountain vineyards. This wine is a harmonious and complex representation of the incomparable terroir of Red Mountain and a tribute to the winery’s steadfast commitment to this respected viticultural area.

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